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How do you measure a training session/workout? By the hours you put in? The distances, reps, or weights you rack up? Useful guides for sure, but how much does this really tell you about how your body reacts to the training? How do you know what the best, most efficient program/routine is for you and your goals? WILL POWER gives you the perfect program, professional guidance, and physiological data to optimize performance, reduce injuries, and fast-track fitness development. Through our state of the art heart rate monitor software, we collect data from your heart rate and heart rate variability to unlock the power of individualized training guidance.




We start by identifying your overall fitness goals: weight loss, conditioning, muscle building, strength building, or even sport specific development. Then we identify each individuals’ base fitness level through fitness testing and basic intro training. From there, we guide members through a self-paced fitness ranking system focusing on proper form, proper technique, core stabilization muscle development, symmetrical strength & conditioning, and flexibility.



Participants are connected to the same advanced heart rate monitoring system used by pro-sports teams world wide to train their top athletes. The software calculates the training effect (TE), calories burned, heart rate/ heart rate zones, as well as physical exertion levels. This is done for each member in real time and displayed on a screen during the workout – this motivates everyone to do their best during the workout. To further motivate you and ensure you are getting results, each participant receives an email after each class showing your average Training Effect (TE), average heart rate, and how many calories you burned. our website will also have your stats so you are able to see your averages & individual class workouts. Monthly measurements and photos are optional and free to members.



Our software’s algorithms accurately tracks several essential physiological functions by analyzing your heart rate/variability data in real time. Heart rate alone tells only the intensity of the exercise. Training Effect (TE) tells you how the workout improves your aerobic (endurance) fitness. Training Effect accumulates during the workout, starting from level 1.0. As the workout progresses successfully, the Training Effect value increases, telling you how the workout improves your fitness. Training Effect has five levels (1-5):

  1. Easy Recovery

  2. Maintaining Fitness

  3. Improving Fitness

  4. Highly Improving

  5. Overreaching



Our experienced and highly skilled instructors guide each participant through their workouts and the fitness ranking system both safely and effectively. You will never do the same workout in a month span so your muscles can never get used to the routine and plateauing in your development will be difficult to take hold. The program consists of 8 levels and includes all training aspect from rowers, fat burning, strength training, cardiovascular training, isometric training, High intensity Interval training as well as plyometric training. Each member will develop through the class ranking system at their own pace. This keeps the workouts challenging and fun, but above all… GETS YOU THE RESULTS YOU ARE LOOKING FOR!


This is exactly what I was looking for! You get the price of a group workout with the individual customization to make sure you're always being challenged.


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Chuck Williford

Chuck Williford is a personal trainer and professional fitness coach who has trained and ran small group fitness classes for over 23 years. He’s helped over 1,500 clients improve their health and fitness, and believes that focusing your training on efficiency, proper form, and technique is the best way to get results. He has educated himself in over seven nationally recognized fitness certifications and specializes in injury rehabilitation. “As in ones life, a fitness coach can never stop trying to improve his or her ability to improve the health and fitness of their clients. To do this you must educate, develop experience, and build your imagination to come up with better ways to improve your clients abilities.”

Any questions, issues, jokes or suggestions, drop him a line.




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